About Me

Hi I'm Natalie!

I'm an Idaho native, CEO, public speaker, and mother of two.

After a 70 pound pregnancy weight gain with BOTH of my ten pound babies I took initiative to learn how to to eat clean (on a budget, no less!), and find workouts that were time efficient and gave me the results I was looking for.

I started Nataliehodson.com to teach women of all ages how they can incorporate small inexpensive diet changes, and a realistic exercise regimen into their daily lives. In the meantime I have grown my business to include over 7 online personal training programs, and over 100 recipes in various cookbooks.

I hopes to continue to do the same through my new endeavor, Modern Mom Lifestyle, which will offer online training with plenty of mom hacks, recipes, and meal ideas for the modern mom.

I am a content writer and contributor for sites and publications such as: Bodybuilding.com, Oxygen Magazine, Train for Her Magazine, Strong Fitness Magazine, and is an ISSA certified personal trainer.


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